Two Friends Embarking on a New Adventure

Welcome to our blog! This is Kat and Jiji here, embarking on a new chapter and collaborating in this space for creativity, fun, and lots and lots of love!

We are two uni undergrads, dying to focus our creative juices on a project outside the realm of essays, presentations and exams. We are both very passionate about fashion, food, and women who leave a positive influence on this world. This blog is a space for women to gain inspiration, positivity and happiness in their daily life.

We want to share our world in a very down to earth sense, as no one’s perfect and sometimes we need to be reminded of that and have a laugh. Most importantly we need to love ourselves and let that shine out.

Join us on this journey where we both make a ton of mistakes, stick by each other and remember what is truly important: close friends, family, unconditional love, our values and beliefs, good music, travel, food, preserving memories and living life to the fullest.

And remember, whenever in doubt – Paris is always a good idea (Thanks Audrey)!

Kat and Jiji xx

P.S. A Note From Kat: Creating this blog was sparked from a conversation Jiji and I had at the start of this year after my best friend Jani sadly passed away. It’s one way I’d like to honour her memory, as this was once a dream we both shared. Jani left me with the energy and inspiration to make this a reality and cross if off our bucket list. In doing this I’m honouring my past and looking forward to the future!


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