First Shoot in Floral

On the day these pictures were taken winter was coming and it was SO COLD – don’t be deceived by our nonchalance get-up look! Despite the freezing wind, we had so much fun doing our first photo shoot ever. It was so spontaneous and unplanned – we were both like, screw organising, LET’S JUST DO THIS!!! And sometimes acting on these sparks can be the best way forward. You know, when you get that sudden urge to do something – like eat a whole packet of mnm’s or climb a really tall mountain. It breaks up the routine of your everyday life and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

We went for a floral, matching-blue-coat look in these pictures – sort of unintentionally twinning things up. And we could not be happier with how it went!

Stay in touch!  Jiji and Kat xx

IMG_3105   IMG_3151

IMG_3184   IMG_3214

IMG_3135   IMG_3317 2

IMG_3330   IMG_3245

IMG_3390   IMG_3417

IMG_3467   img_3492


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