Healthy Eating Hacks

We all have those lazy days where eating healthy is the last thing on our mind. I think it’s often the effort factor. Your brain is like, well you could make a salad…Then your stomach pipes in and is all like, NO MAN, I’m hungry now – BUY ME A BURGER. And then there’s just no rationalising.

Switching habits though is actually pretty easy – even if you have a crazy, busy life style. And it doesn’t mean never eating another burger again – it just means being a little bit more organised. Below are five healthy hacks I apply to my everyday life.

  1. Have a baking day.

Take 40 minutes to an hour out of your week – aim for Sunday – to make some of your meals. Cook a healthy batch of muffins, it’s cheap, easy and you can live off them for snacks/breakfast for the next several days. Make a salad or two. They don’t have to be boring, go look up fun salads on the internet, or buy one from a store and copy out the ingredients. That’s your breakfasts, lunches and possibly dinners taken care of!

  1. Everyone always says this, but it’s true – eat a BIG breakfast.

No, don’t skip it. This is a huge mistake. What will your body run on for the next few hours?! Don’t have time? Make time! Eat a couple of your healthy muffins, drink some green juice and grab an apple before you head out the door. This will only take ten minutes max – surely you can spare that?

  1. Get your lunch ready the night before.

This is easy. Step one – buy a lunch box. Step two – fill it with some of your amazing salad and stick it in the fridge. Need snacks? Grab some cashews and cranberries and put them in a container. Chop up carrot sticks and wrap them up with hummus. Easy! And your stomach will thank you the next day!

  1. Start going on a weekly grocery shop.

Once again, this doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. Figure out what you want to eat during the week e.g. the ingredients you need for a salad, or some fruit you want to stock up on. Then go down to the store, buy these groceries, and maybe even turn this into your baking day? It’s much cheaper than buying lunch all the time – and plus, you know what nutrients are going into it!

  1. Take that sexy ass out occasionally.

Once you start falling into a healthy routine, treating yourself feels ten times more special. Going out for dinner or lunch becomes something you look forward to rather than a habit that leaves you feeling fat. And instead of guiltily ignoring the salad menu because all you’ve ate recently was junk food – you can order the steak with a smile on your face and maybe even grab dessert!

I usually go out on a dinner date with a friend or by myself every second week as a reward. And I’ve found the more my healthy hacks have kicked in, the more I crave salad, or I crave vegetables. It’s like with any type of food, the more you eat it, the more you feel like it. So start applying these healthy hacks into your lifestyle and see where it takes you. Food is meant to be appreciated – not leave you feeling unhappy or guilty! Eat healthier and you feel fabulous, energised, and ready to take on the universe.

Much love,

Kat xx


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