All The Single Ladies

Recently I’ve been having a lot of those laid-back girl nights, like a typical Taylor Swift music video, making cocktails and staying up till sunrise. Some of my friends have been going through heartbreak, and some just couldn’t care less about relationships. But all of us have been bought together by that special bond of singledom.

Don’t get me wrong – being in a relationship with someone you love and respect is absolutely amazing. I’m so thankful for all my experiences in the love department – from summer flings cut short to relationships I thought were going somewhere. They all opened me up to life and what I want to get out of it.

There’s just something about being single though, which I think is equally amazing. Learning to be alone and not take anyone in your life for granted is a really important lesson. It helps make you a stronger person and it teaches you how to love yourself unconditionally. Once more, relationship or not, there will most likely be periods in your life where you have to make it on your own. So if you’re single right now and this is you learning to be by yourself – EMBRACE IT.

I cannot think of a more wonderful opportunity for you to do exactly whatever you want with your life – from dream chasing to goal achieving – without strings attached. And yes, sometimes it can be lonely and difficult. But that’s why we have our single friends. Go out there, reconnect, and have fun. Let the unknown sculpt you into being more sure of yourself. Let it push you to do things you wouldn’t do within a safety net. And treat it like a love affair with you – you deserve nothing less!

Sending all the love out to the single ladies (thank you Beyoncé),

Kat x


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