Hello Spring!

Finally, finally got to catch up with one another.  These last couple of weeks have been crazy for both of us – Jiji juggling uni and the final days of her undergraduate degree – and me organising new clients and recovering from an awful cold!  So after rescheduling this shoot one too many times, we at last got to turn it into a reality.

Who doesn’t love Spring – besides the hay fever – it’s my favourite time of the year.  Afternoons feel like they can go on forever, there’s always a nice breeze in the air, and everything looks so beautiful and fresh.  We really wanted to capture this concept in our photos and welcome the turn of the seasons.  Hope you’re embracing the start of your spring adventures!


Jiji & Kat x

IMG_4002   IMG_3923

IMG_3959   IMG_4033

IMG_4226   IMG_4138

IMG_4090   IMG_4172

IMG_4494   IMG_4539

IMG_4502   IMG_4387


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