Have no fear, you are here.

So the other night me and some friends performed in-front of at least 200 people at the Moon Festival. Now, I love singing and anyone that knows me well knows that but, I do have bad stage fright and I was volunteered into this. The prospect of having to perform in front of people has me sweating and freaking out on the inside. I have a million thoughts going on, like what if I forget what I have to do on stage and blank. Do I have my zipper undone? Are my armpits sweating profusely? Actually it’s also part excitement and adrenaline building up. But you know to help prep myself with this I told myself…(and wait for it it’s very clique) but, going out of your comfort zone really is where the magic is going to happen. And in the end lesson learnt, you just have to bite the bullet. To anyone facing something, whether it be the butterflies of a first date, having an interview or a first day on the job, some big things happening., .go do it. Facing your fears only makes you stronger. We did perform and we lived through it, evidence on my instagram if you care to see haha!

So over the coming week I give you all a challenge, go do something you’ve wanted to do but have been too scared to do. I’d love to hear your stories about it, do hit us up!

Take Care, and some more exciting things to come!

Love Jiji x


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