Going Back To Adelaide

Taking a two hour flight doesn’t sound hard in theory, but in reality this will be one of the most difficult trips I’ll ever make. I spent a long time wondering what to write about this week, and I want to be really honest – this is what’s been eating me up inside.

Adelaide is one of my favourite places – the festival state of Australia. Besides my English family, all my relatives live there, and I’ve been driving over every Christmas ever since I can remember. It’s a place filled with so many people I love and care about, it’s basically a second home.

It’s also where I met Jani. In this city, she lived her everyday life. So many memories float around my head – it’s overwhelming. Sitting by the pool and bonding over our mutual love of travel, helping people and one direction lyrics. Sneaking into her high school and listening to her speak in German for her upcoming presentation. Staying up late stuffing ourselves with grapes and brie, then promising to be healthy the next day, but not really because we both loved food. Every time I visited her I was so excited, I could never sleep the night before I left. And going back to Canberra physically hurt my little heart. We’d cry and hug and cry some more. We both hated the end, we always said, “I’ll see you soon,” instead of goodbye.

I need to go to back to Adelaide to reconnect with everything Jani left. I was planning to do it in the middle of the year, but it just felt too hard. Now I’m facing up to it, and I’m so scared.

But it’s so important to me that I do this. Despite how difficult, it’s what my deeper self needs. This woman played a huge role in helping me realise who I could be, and she means the world to me. I don’t really know how to finish writing this, except by saying – Jani I’ll see you soon.

Love Kitten x


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