Early Days

Typical Canberra has been all over the place weather wise.  We’ll get a burst of hot then a burst of cold, and then it will down pour and start all over again like a moody teenager.  But this is better than winter.  Anything is better than winter.

We went for a high neck, beige, black, grey look in these photos – the type of outfit we’d wear when the sun’s out but it’s still cool.  It’s been so much fun working on this blog together.  Not only does it mean we get to catch up more, but we also get to do stuff we love, and that’s always a bonus.  We’ll sit down, brain storm ideas, plan new things, then go out and get them done.  And afterwards we’ve fallen into a bit of a pattern – ordering turkish food then curling up and watching the bachelorette.

Days spent doing things you love with friends are always the best.  Hope you’ve been doing what you love lately and that this blog post finds you well!

Kat and Jiji x

IMG_4798   IMG_4996

IMG_5146   IMG_4831

IMG_4844   IMG_5072

IMG_5083   IMG_4793

IMG_5129   IMG_4981

IMG_5161   IMG_4937


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