Small Acts Of Kindness

It’s always the little things that see us through the day, and that’s why I think small acts of kindness are just the best. Last Wednesday I had to attend a meeting at my university and I was running late. In my flurry, I swerved into the car park scanning for an empty spot and just at that precise moment a car started to pull out. I indicated ready to move in, and as he drove by, he wound down his window. “You can take my ticket, I was only here for five minutes!” That simple gesture turned my whole day around, and all he did was give me a piece of paper he no longer needed – helping me save a few dollars, and avoid the parking ticket queue.

I believe when you do something nice for someone – no matter how big or small – it can leave such a powerful impact, creating a potential chain of positivity. As they say, actions speak louder than words. Something as simple as doing the dishes without being asked for a loved one or leaving a kind note at a café table can make the world of difference – because at the end of the day you never know what’s happening inside a person’s head. Maybe they’re going through a really hard time and you just turned their whole day around.  Maybe they’ll even pass on another small act of kindness.

Next time you have an opportunity to do something nice without being asked, take it and see where it takes you!

Love Kat x


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