Rooftop Adventures

Taking this semester off from uni has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Everyday is different and exciting, and I get a little high over driving into work.  I absolutely love my job.  I use ABA therapy to treat autistic children so that they can adapt to the neural typical world.  A lot of people don’t realise autism is treatable, and the sooner therapy is started, the better the outcome.  It’s such a privilege to watch these kids over time – learn how to speak, develop social skills, and create stronger neural connections in their brain.

I know Jiji has had a lot on as well.  Job interviews, finishing up uni, somehow still maintaining a social life.  She is actually super woman.  She makes time for so many people and always, always has so much energy for life.  When I came to her place to do this shoot, she was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve got a couple of tests I need to get done before 3, but that’s about it.  Let’s do this!”

We didn’t feel up for leaving her studio so we slipped up to the rooftop and we have no regrets.  Although we both felt a little camera shy (there were a group of students near by), we kind of love the awkward laughter in these photos, and the view was spectacular.  A little bit of Canberra unleashed.

Enjoy!  We hope life is treating you, and you are treating yourself,

Kat & Jiji x

IMG_5447   12171842_10153757510507376_2066350125_o

12170025_10153757510752376_1037090356_o   IMG_5475

IMG_5624   12176349_10153757509942376_1588841584_o

12175807_10153757510217376_287472109_o   IMG_5446

IMG_5456   12171452_10153757510182376_1893445277_o

12177347_10153757510352376_581530311_o   IMG_5730

IMG_5651   12171035_10153757510632376_1549956298_o

12171067_10153757510077376_625340269_o   IMG_5532


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