Just Some Fun

Hi guys,

So, it has been a crazy week indeed. Kat has been off to some adventures in Melbourne, and working hard this lady is. I’ve sat my last university class and lecture ever this week (EEPPP) and am now gearing up for my finals. We managed a little catch-up over dinner this week with many laughs and inside jokes (which for your guys sake we wont mention ;)) procured. But, here’s a little fun activity I thought we would do for more insight into Kat and I…basically there’s a word or statement…and we’ve written the first thing that comes to our minds. Enjoy the answers. More to come soon, and everybody sitting their finals, going through big things and transitions, doing their thing…GOODLUCK! Keep on it!

Much love, Ji xx



Favourite way to spend Sunday: Eat Brunch with my family or friends. Swim. Listen to great music. Read a good novel. Paint. Eat good food. Pray and meditate. (Not doing assignments) Sunday is my sleep-in day 🙂 And usually when I get to catch up with friends and family or walk my doggies!
Last song that was stuck in your head or played: Adele – Hello (It’s been playing a lot recently) I don’t want to go home by Nick Mulvey – check it out if you’ve never heard of it!
Favourite Pizza: Peri-peri chicken! Spicy. Perri-perri chicken. Not spicy.
Politeness: Underrated Appreciated
Competition: Middle finger ;P Who really cares
Palm Trees: Hammock and margarita Beach!!!!!
Educated: By life experience A blessing
Confidence: My Mother Something that comes with growing
Overpopulated: My Closet Big cities
Polluted: Social media Developing countries
Beach: Home and Philippines My favourite place
Beauty: In everything The Audrey Hepburn quote
Historical: Landmarks Buildings still standing from centuries past
Power: Heavy Misused
Yoga: Downward dog Attempting the “Crow” position and failing
Netflix: “Brooklyn nine-nine” is spot on. Still haven’t got it yet!
Iconic: So many figures. Again, Audrey. Not just for her looks, but the work she did with her life.
Equality: Empathy Important
Sincerity: Essential What I value

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