Day 11 – Christmas Party

Every friday morning I volunteer at a local school near my house.  With a bunch of other amazing women, we teach English to parents who’ve moved to Australia and need/want to learn the language.  Honestly though, I feel like I learn more from them.  I’ve loved hearing about where they’ve come from, experiencing new cultures and customs, and getting a glimpse at another way of life.  It’s been a privilege running these lessons, and so much fun.  It’s always the highlight of my week, and I can’t wait till the new semester next year.

Today we had our end of year christmas party, and I felt absolutely spoilt (I was given a lot of chocolate).  Usually our students bake us cakes or bring in biscuits, so we decided it was our turn to do the cooking.  Some of them ignored our pleads though, and bought cakes in anyway – so we had SO MUCH food.  It was great.  I couldn’t eat for the rest of the day.  And this photo below represents only a tiny section of the table.  It was just too big to do justice with a camera!

Love Kat x



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