Day 15 – Eat Dessert First

I am such a dessert person, and although I love eating healthy, it doesn’t mean I’m going to ban myself from chocolate – everyone needs the occasional splurge – let’s be honest.  I think it’s also this time of the year, there’s so many festivities going on, it’s really easy to justify why you deserve that extra piece of cake.

Today I had an end of year breakfast with the volunteer group I work with, then in the evening I went out with the twins.  We ordered all three signature desserts from a bar in the city, and I had grand plans to take a picture of them.  However we ended up waiting over half an hour for the desserts to come out and when they did, we were so hungry…and well, I completely forgot!  I felt so silly.  But they were so so good.  We’re talking Nutella parfait, deep fried golden gay time and cherry ripe meringue.  GAHH FOOD IS JUST THE BEST!!!!!

Enjoy the motto of this restaurant – Life is short, eat dessert first.  It’s so true.  Not just with food but with everything else.  Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and do that thing we really want to do but keep putting off!

Love Kat x



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