Day 19 – Mountains

Tonight I’m feeling so blessed for the people in my life.  Yesterday I climbed Mt. Taylor to watch the sun rise in honour of Jani and her birthday.  Then today some close friends took me out to do some nice things.  It just made me feel so thankful for everything I have, and fuel my desire to want to give back.  I’ve always known everyone experiences pain and suffering in some shape or form during their life.  It’s how they carry it that’s been really getting my attention lately.  And I’ve noticed so much beauty in the strength some people show.

Ji is definitely one of those people – a big shout out to this woman – full of positive energy, love and warmth.  She’s worked SO HARD this year, and it’s really paid off.  Go Ji!!!

Below is a picture from the view of the  Mountain and the sun just peaking its way up!

Love Kat x



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