Day 23 – The Chicken Park

Works winding down, I can basically smell christmas from across the street, and today it really hit me – two more sleeps!!!!!

As much as I love my job, I’m so excited to have a whole week off.  Mum has decided to rearrange the furniture in our house, so I’ll probably spend most of it helping her with that.  But at least I can sleep in, or wake up early, or do what ever I like with my time.

This afternoon the mum of one of my clients had arranged for the whole team to get together and go to the ‘chicken park’ for a christmas lunch.  It was basically a little park around the corner of their house with some chickens behind a neighbouring fence.  The boy has been so excited for this day, after every session I’ve had with him recently he’s always reminded me of it.  He says, “Kathleen, don’t forget the chickens, we will feed them lots and lots of bread”.  Such a great kid!  At the park he ran around grabbing leaves to give us for ‘shade’ and kept offering to share his food with me – I was very touched.

I was going to take a picture of the mums amazing cooking – it was delicious – but I thought since I’ve done so many food shots recently, I’d mix it up with a picture of the chickens.  Enjoy!

Love Kat x



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