Day 55 – Change

Last night Jiji and I sketched out our ideas for where we want to take this blog, and now we’re so excited.  Starting tomorrow changes will take place.  We still want to post a photo a day, but we’ve given everyday of the week a couple of themes to pick and choose by – this will make more sense when you see – we promise!  We’ve also decided to take sunday off, as it’s the day of rest and taking time out is important.

It’s been so much fun making this blog together.  Our goal was originally to create a get-away space from the everyday things, hence the title, ‘Paris is always a good idea’.  At first we thought we were just doing it as a creative outlet – our own escape from life’s little stresses.  But now we’re starting to realise we want this to be a space where everyone feels like they can escape from the ‘day in, day out’, and feel inspired.

I really wish Jani could of seen this space come to life.  We talked about doing this so much, it was the first dream we shared.  I thought about her a lot on the beach, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year.

What ever you’re going through, hang in there!

Love Kat x



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