Woman Crush Wednesday – Queen B

First, it is a Wednesday. Second, Queen Bey. Just saying. Today was an average mid-week day so todays post, My first WCW is going to be dedicated to this woman, respectfully and naturally.  Now hear me out about this before you make any judgement as to why (and its not just because she’s gorgeous aesthetically) haha… I grew up with Beyonce lyrics all my life, the woman knows what a girl goes through alright haha. She taught me to be confident, a “survivor” an “independent woman” who knows to tell somebody undeserving to go “to the left, to the left”, and how to be “crazy in love” and “drunk in love” even if you’re all “single ladies” and that some boys just don’t understand. And we all “wake up like this…flawless,” and to see everyones “halo.”

I also love that she is a complete B.O.S.S. Who has stayed happily married to Another boss (Jay-z), and has a beautiful daughter. So if being the crem-de-la-crem of your chosen career path, having a great marriage and family, and being successful (just google their net wealth if you don’t believe me) and remaining humble and influential is something to aim for…then yes damn, that is everything I want and aim to have and be. Hence, Beyonce.

Main message of mine…Go emulate a little of the good things you find in others 🙂

❤ My love to you all, Ji xx



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