Throw Back Thursday – Firsts

The momentum to start a blog began in college – weirdly enough – after my first conversation with Jani.  She basically said, “Yeah Kat, do it!!!”  I then spent months on end umming and ahhing, and wondering how to go about it.  I ended up sketching out ideas in a note pad and sending some of them over to her.  During that time she became my biggest encouragement, and later we started talking about doing a joint project.

The other day I was flicking through pictures and I found some old photos from the first shoot I ever carried out, where I was sporting a light blue dress and our ‘travelling necklace’ – a sisterhood of the travelling pants-type-deal.  It bought back all the memories of vintage Jani and Kat, when anything seemed possible and the world was a place full of opportunities.  Even though life didn’t pan out as we expected, I still want to hold onto that belief.  I think Jani would want the same, so I’ve decided that’s what these photos represent.  Life may not make a lot of sense, but I hope you can find a way to walk through it that speaks true to your heart ❤





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