Work-out Wednesday – Workouts

I think when it comes to being healthy and happy, exercise is an important component, but it should always, ALWAYS be on your own terms.  Growing up I hated P.E. class – I really didn’t like being forced to do laps around the oval on ‘fun run’ days – I was/still am a terrible runner.  I think pursuing what you love and finding what works for you, is the healthiest mindset to have when it comes to exercise.  That way, it becomes something you look forward to doing, rather than something you feel like you have to do.  It’s also important to give yourself a break.  There will always be days where you need to take timeout and have that extra sleep in.

That was my morning yesterday.  I was so tired, I just didn’t feel up for it.  So I stayed in bed like a boss, and thank goodness because the rest of the day was soooo long.  This morning though I woke up feeling a bit sleepy but ready to get back into my work out.  If in doubt listen to what your body and mind need.  Do a workout that helps you feel good, and that you enjoy doing.  Ultimately if the treadmill’s not for you – ditch it!

Much love, Kat x



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