Travel Tuesday – The Old City

One of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited was the Old City in Jerusalem.  This hectic piece of ancient land was fascinating to rome around and get lost in.  People go about their everyday lives despite religious and culture clashes.  In the muslim quarter tones of people sell their goods – everything from vases and jewellery to vegetables and hummus.  In the christian quarter people walk the road Jesus took to the to be crucified, nuns carry rosemary’s and tourists snap pictures of the Sepulchre.  Over in the Jewish quarter there are lots of cafe’s, the western wall always crowded before Shabbat, and a lot of young Jewish soldiers.  Finally the Arminian quarter, the most hidden, in some respects almost seems barren amongst the old buildings.  I got a sneak peak with an Arminian friend, and there were very few people hanging about.  Over all I fell in love with this place.  Despite the hustle and bustle, there’s always quiet corners to be found.  One of the peaceful spots I found was where this picture was taken, on the top of a hotel roof.  Up here you could look out over all the old city and just drink it in.

Love Kat x

10384515_10204597095386488_1917493885523216131_n 10.11.28 PM.jpg


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