Wednesday Wow – life

So it’s been a week. A really interesting one. Learning how to juggle the 9-5 lyf whilst enjoying everything else has been a transition. One I must learn to fit in. But this week has been full of surprises and new experiences for me:

Monday was apparently the last day of Chinese New Years and tradition or symbolism of: my room mate and I wrote wishes on an orange and threw it into make burley Griffith.

Tuesday I experienced some worship at a Hindu temple, enjoyed some culture …and yummy noddles for dinner.

Wednesday (tonight) was a girls  night out watching ‘how to be single’ and a gig at a local pub. Don’t get me wrong being in love is a beautiful thing, who doesn’t want to have that companionship and being wanted. But Highlight of tonight’s lesson for me was learning that enjoying everything, including freedom and independence and finding yourself is really important. Go take a class, make some changes and do and experience the things you want to in life aswell.

So my love to you all, I leave with this picture of my escapades and road symbolising the journey and lights and road were all on called life! ❤️😘 have a great week


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