Work In Progress Wednesday – Uni Week 3

I’m back at uni and let me tell you, it’s weird!  My psych lectures and labs are usually in the same rooms, so stepping back in has bought back a flood of memories from last year when I felt like a total wreck.  Jani passed away at the start of my semester, so often I’d silently sob in lectures, or sit quietly detached while my tutor ran us through the labs.  Of course it also didn’t help that I was doing two of the worst compulsory subjects ever for my psych degree – bio and stats.

The vibe is so different this year.  I love the courses I’m doing, and I’ve had some really interesting conversations with people.  I feel renewed and more on top of things which feels strange because a year ago that wasn’t the case.  Inevitably the work is still overwhelming but this time round it feels much more doable.

I’m so glad I took a semester off, it really helped me to flourish and gain perspective.  I learned life will never pane out the way we expect, so we just need to role with it and do what’s life giving for us at the time.

I’ve decided to record the work-in-progress of this semester.  At the moment things are OKAY – fingers crossed it stays this way!  Is it too early to say I can’t wait till the mid term break?!?!

Love Kat x



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