Soulful Saturday – Goodbyes

It’s been kind of a foodie week, combining special catch ups and deliciousness.  And of course the uni levels of crazy have reached an all new peak of insane.  I have an exam, essay, tutorial facilitation and test to prepare for – and they’re all happening in the space of two days – uni’s just great.

Anyway, today I said Goodbye to a friend.  We taught an English conversation class together, and she’s kind of super amazing.  She’s dedicating her life to travelling the globe, and so far she’s been through Asia, America, and Europe.  Now she’s heading off to South America for a holiday, then she’s moving to Germany.  Seriously – people like this stand out because they don’t follow the crowd, and pursue their dreams like there’s no tomorrow.  I’m in awe.

It was so great getting to know her, and fingers crossed we can meet up again in Europe at some point.  Below is a picture of my lunch because it was incredibly delicious.  Avocado on rye bread, with quinoa, chilli and an egg.

Love Kat x



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