Motivational Monday – Taking Control Of Your Life

I’ve been reading this really great book recently called, ‘Too soon old, too late smart’, by a psychologist – Gordon Livingston.  Both his sons died in the space of a year – one committed suicide and the other died from leukaemia.  In his book he describes ’30 life lessons’, he’s learned so far and a lot of the messages really strike a chord in me.

But one that’s stood out the most is the idea of control.  Sometimes life can seem so chaotic, and so unfair.  We get caught up in events of the past, that we forget about the future.  We forget that we still have a say in what we make of life, despite what we’ve gone through.  That ultimately, there is always hope.

I’ve started tapping into this message this week, as I navigate through life, and below I’m going to leave a quote that sums it all up – thank you Socrates.

What ever you’re going through, you have a say in what happens to you – I mean it’s your life after all – so I hope you’re owning that/this message helps 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

Love Kat x



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