Thankful Tuesday – Musings

Changing it up for a thankful Tuesday guys! So today we had a HR Cultural session at my workplace, and honestly it was a really fulfilling experience to have. I’m so lucky to have had such an experience with my work colleagues where I could physically see how people really can be so collaborative and communicate in great ways towards common goals. Taking away from the mundane everyday work grind, it is nice to come back to roots and know that everyone is working together for our clients, as it is easy to forget this as everyone is working concentratedly trying to be the best individual they can be at work and be their ultimate best. It gave me a little spark of motivation to do great things for the world and for others. I only hope our world leaders can do the same for us all, especially in countries that so desperately need attention and aid. Imagine if everyone collectively worked towards innovative goals for the world, just IMAGINE!

So today I did feel really thankful for everything life has been generous enough to give me. Learn something new this week guys, that’s my challenge to you, I know I definitely did 🙂

Anyways, here’s to a treat at the end of a day – another thing I’m thankful for – free Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream. It really is the simple things am I right?  haha. Peace outttt.

My love, Ji xx


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