Thankful Thursday – Learning to be Grateful

I found something really special amongst all the things I packed away over the summer.  It was this little gratitude journal Jani gave me for my 20th birthday.  It was so special reading over all the things I’ve felt grateful for in the past.

My mum’s a psychologist, and she works with a lot of couples.  She often tells me in a relationship it’s so easy to focus on the negative things.  And for every negative thing we say, we need to balance it out with at least three positives.  This idea has always stuck with me, and definitely leaves more incentive to continue filling in my gratitude journal.

If you’re stuck in a negative place, maybe it’s one way to counteract the negative thinking patterns?  Even if you don’t write it down – let’s be honest, that can feel like a lot of effort – simply reflecting on what you’re grateful for, can help immensely in appreciating what you have.

Today I’m thankful that it’s almost friday 🙂

Love Kat x



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