Friday feels – Fresh Face

Why does today feel like one of those days? We all have them right? When you know nothing feels quite right. Little things here and there. I’m feeling very perceptive to my emotional needs lately. But not to worry – things ALWAYS, ALWAYS work out, just have faith. Life does have its testing moments. Just keep remembering that, you won’t ever appreciate the good without the bad.

On another note: here’s a feel good Friday pic- a fresh faced (non filtered-no make up – for clarification) Friday evening, staying in selfie. Y’all can deal with it- I’m watching crappy reality tv (for obvious purposes and intent😂), and planning to enjoy the upcoming weekend. It’s sharing those rare and raw, REAL intimate moments in life where you’re not sheilded or guarded from reality and society’s expectations.

So have a great weekend everyone, stay true to you ✌️💕
 Love Ji X


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