Work-In-Progress Wednesday – Uni Week 11

So the take home message for today is – I’m not as stressed as I could be. Yes, yes I could start thinking about my up coming exams, and their weight on my grade…BUT, I choose not to.  Why you may ask?  Well, I think it’s because I’ve reached that numbing point where you become immune to the system. It’s like pushing through your limits because the end is insight. And oh how beautiful it looks.

On another note, today while I was walking into uni, it kind of just hit me – autumn is almost over!!!  What’s up with that?!?! How did it go by so quickly?!?!  I think it’s because Canberra got that extra bit cold today (the icy wind came), and someone really smart decided to leave the aircon on in my lecture theatre, so the lecturer had to talk OVER everyone’s teeth chattering. It was worth it though, because he’s German and his accent is amazing.

Anyway below is what glorious Canberra looks like when it’s freezing cold – Don’t let the sun fool you – I learned that lesson the hard way…so naive :’)

Friday approaches 🙂

Love Kat x




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