Try-it Tuesday 

Getting out of my comfort zone. **Disclaimer – VERY personal sharing post ahead**

So, let me put it bluntly, I’m not the best when it comes to romance or boys (I’m sure guys will relate when it comes to figuring us girls out, trust me I feel for you guys too).

But you know what, I made a deal with myself last that after completing some major milestones in 2015 that 2016 is the year to finally put my fears aside and put myself out there a little bit. So on the weekend, though being a personal thing, and after much consultation and support from friends to just bloody do it, I did conquer a fear of mine. The details of this I will spare, but basically I ended up on a date.

Despite being nervous as all hell, the learning experience from this is so important for me. I feel everyone should know these things:

1. You really don’t need someone to make you feel special or base your own happiness on. You’re capable of that as an individual.

2. It is okay to turn around and say “bye bye” and not Persue anything if your date just isn’t doing anything for you.

3. It is okay to have standards, don’t settle for anything less than what you want when it comes to the romance department no matter how high you’ve set them. You are worthy of the love you let in and deserve. Don’t ever let society ruin your choices or dictate the choices you make for yourself. Patience is a virtue. (And before you say – c’mon be a little realistic though- NO because I have seen this happen to many people who have waited and found the right person to spend their life with so yes this is true and real – be true to yourself)

4. Get out of your comfort zone with anything, because you’ll learn more about yourself there!

5. It’s not the end of the world- everyone just want to feel loved and be loved and you need to give that back out to the world too.

So that’s my Insight and I hope you all go and do something that you’re afraid of whether it be take a solo trip, quitting a job that your not happy at, or starting a new class…just ANYTHING! It will reap wonders for you!

Happy Tuesday, peace out y’all!

Ji xoxox


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