Travel Tuesday – In Berlin

I was following the wall, and at one of the gaps there was this australian busker.  So I hung around and listened to his stuff.  A small crowd slowly gathered, and at one point he put down his guitar and started talking about his experiences travelling around the globe.  He was living off his music, and he’d set up base in Berlin because it was a cheap city to live in.  I remember thinking, “wow, that takes guts”.  I ended up buying his CD, and now sometimes I listen to it when I’m driving around.  And it reminds me of that place and time.

I think what he did with his life was really brave, because he did what he was most passionate about.  Despite the costs, risks, and fear of failing – he pursued his dream relentlessly.  And that just made a lot of sense to me.  I love being reminded of this when his music comes on.

Whatever dream or passion or goal you want to pursue, it’s never too late to start working towards making it happen.

Love Kat x



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