Food – Stuffed Sweet Potato

I recently discovered a vlog called, ‘The Happy Pear’.  It’s run by two Irish men who own a vegan shop, and advertise their recipes.  The other night I tried their ‘stuffed sweet potato’, and cannot recommend it enough!  I loved it so much, I made it again tonight.  It’s super quick, super easy, and super healthy.  It also tastes delicious and fills you up 🙂  Here’s the gist of it:

  1. Cut sweet potatoes in half, and cook in the oven for about 50 minutes.
  2. Then take out of the oven, scoop out the flesh, and pop the shells back in.
  3. Add garlic, corn, black beans, chilli, lime, coriander, and shallots to stuffing.
  4. Then add your spices – paprika, cumin, salt & pepper.
  5. After it’s been well mixed, take out the sweet potato shells, and add this to them!


(Apologies – I was super hungry and didn’t have time to make above picture look fancy)

For the proper receipe, check out their vlog:


Love Kat x


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