In today’s world 

Busy busy week! But…The news this week was in regards to terror attacks, multiple shootings in America, the coo in Turkey and Pokemon taking over the world. Racism, politics and media.

I’d like to concentrate on the Pokemon though. Gangs of people are out and roaming the streets with eyes glued to phones in hopes of catching a Pokemon. I witnessed today this and it’s such a crazy phenomenon how people can be so connected to this.

Despite some views thinking – no this is another fad, glued to the mobile screen and sucked into this mobile screen phone, and people having been in accident crossing the streets, people walking across weather forecasts it might seem bad. However I was out catching Pokemon myself and random people would align and ask others if there server was down or help others in catching Pokemon. This in my view is positive and never have I seen so many people out on the streets actually being. Pros and cons I guess.

So do you guys play?

Have a solid week coming up guys and gals! ☺️✌️

Ji X


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