Day in, day out – Start of the new semester…

I was feeling really nervous prior to my first day back at uni – which seems kind of silly, it’s week 1 – it’s just lectures, and organising timetables, and looking over the assessment.  But for some reason it felt sort of daunting.  I think it’s because after you’ve done one semester, you start to realise how heavy the work load is, and it feels a bit nerve racking to find yourself at the beginning again.  In addition to that, these units will be a lot harder than my last (Yikes!) – so as I walked into the lecture theatre I just felt a bit unsure of myself.

While I was sitting at the front, waiting for the lecturer to start and feeling all the nerves, I saw one of my friends entering the hall.  She’d mentioned she’d be doing another third year psych unit, but I didn’t put two and two together.  After talking with her for a bit, and joking around, I noticed all my nerves slowly disappearing and my body starting to ease up.  It’s amazing how much little things like the reassuring presence of a friend, can make a huge difference.

So the take home message I’ve learned from today, is to never underestimate the power we have to impact how a person’s day is going.  My friend had no idea I was feeling so nervous – she just sat down next to me and started making me laugh with her witty sense of humour.  And I left that lecture feelings ready, and calm.

Peace and love, Kat x



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