Wellbeing – Headspace

For a really, really long time I wanted to make a more conscious effort to practice meditation.  You hear about all the health benefits, and you aspire to make it a regular thing in your life, but I usually found after a week or so I stopped for what ever reason, and went back to wishing I could make it a habit.

Over the last few months though, I’ve been carrying through with this discipline, and over time it’s started playing a bigger part in my everyday life.  Sitting still and closing my eyes for a small part of each day has now become something I look forward to.  One thing I found really helpful – in putting this dream into action – has been the app ‘headspace’.  It’s a great stepping stone for beginners, and helps you enforce the habit.  It also only takes ten minutes out of your day.  For anyone wanting to take up meditation, I strongly recommend this as a starting base.  Taking breaks in our busy lives to sit still is one of the best things you can do to look after yourself.  Hope you get some time out today.

Love Kat x



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