Moments – Catch Ups

I had a really great moment this evening, when I got to catch up with someone I’d been wanting to talk to for a long time.  As an introvert, I often feel like I get caught up in the immediate rush, rush, rush of the busy world – and leave friends hanging.  This is probably one of the biggest things I struggle with.  Especially when uni assessment starts clotting up.

Tonight it was great taking an hour out to just to sit down with this person via skype, and have a proper conversation.  Getting to know her more has helped in healing, because she was very close to Jani.  We can relate to one another through our shared experience of grief, and that is so meaningful.

Not only that, she’s also an incredible person – I can see why Jani loved her.  This is a shout out to friendships, the ones you hold in your heart – whether they’re in bloom all full fragrance.  If you haven’t spoken to someone you’ve meaning to get in touch with – send them a message at some point today!

Love Kat x



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