Back On The Road

So, it’s been a while, and a lot has happened. Originally Jiji and I had great plans to keep doing a post a day. But uni, work, basically life interrupted and we decided to take a step back and focus on some other projects.

WHAT ARE THESE PROJECTS YOU ASK?!  Well, we can’t share all, but we will let you know we decided to plan an adventure together, and explore a bit of Vietnam. I’m going for uni, Jiji is going for travel, and we’re both going for fun.

We caught a bus out this morning to Sydney International Airport, and here we sit amongst a mass of people on phones with their baggage, and children in tow, waiting to hear the call for our flight to start boarding. It is so good to be getting out of Australia again. We both feel that buzz of anticipation to escape from our comfort zones and try something new.

So stay in touch, and watch this space. Over the next month we’ll be updating regularly (internet provided), so you can adventure with us on the journey ahead.


Love Kat and Ji



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