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Heyy guys, my names Jiandra, but everyone can call me Jiji. 22 years of living a pretty blessed life. I’m currently working full time at a financial advisory firm. Definetly a lover of all the good things in life, and a dreamer. Good food, art and music are close to my heart. A woman of the world, I am of Filipino and British decent, raised in Australia. My ultimate thing would be to make a difference in people’s life as cliché as it is. I’d like to say a BIG Thanks for reading all that, you could have been scrolling anywhere on the web but you’re here with me, and I appreciate that. I’m so looking forward to this adventure of blogging, so keep a look out and love to all! Peace x

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My name’s Kat or Kathleen, and I’m 22 living in Canberra.  At the moment I’m tackling my undergraduate degree in psychology, but I dream of the day when all the study will be over.  My passion in life?  Helping people.  I also love deep conversations, going on adventures, and anything food or french related.  This is one my favourite outlets for being creative.  Stick around, we’d love to get to know you!  Much love x



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