Christmas in Kuala Lumpur

This evening we landed safely in KL and ventured out into the city.  We had 12 hours before our connecting flight, so we figured we should make the most of the stop over.  The pilot told us before getting off it would be 30 degrees with light showers outside, and my jaw dropped – definitely not ready for humidity.

It reminded me of Singapore.  Standing outside felt like an authentic sauna experience, but then when you hopped on a taxi or stepped into a restaurant, air conditioning blasted out, to the point that if you didn’t have a jumper, you’d freeze.  Besides my struggles to adapt to these extremes, I can say I absolutely loved KL.  We met one of our old friends at a hotel, and she drove us into the city for street food and sightseeing.  Everything was delicious. Rice, vegetables, fish, chicken, calamari, served on great big banana leaves.  Drinks were warm at the bottom and cold at the top.  People around us ate with their fingers, but we opted for cutlery.  Although it was getting late, the streets were still very busy.  Everywhere was lit up. An old woman walked from table to table, trying to sell people tissue paper, and every restaurant, bar, cafe etc. was occupied.  It was a sea of chatter, laughter, and bustle.

Later we drove to pick up her sister. As we entered her neighbourhood, there were several large dogs wandering around.  Sue didn’t seem phased by this, and told me it was the norm.  Other things that took me a while to get used to, was the driving.  No one pays attention to the road rules, and the locals have a shared understanding for parking – you can park anywhere.  Sue told me she once parked at a traffic light.  I was taken aback.  I loved though, that even in this city where cars suddenly stop, and people park in the middle of roads – in the midst of this chaos – everything still seemed to function, and keep moving.

We spent the rest of Christmas in KL walking around the streets, as fake snow drifted down on us (via fans), and ended up in a bar, dancing until the early hours of the morning.  At some point we ended up back at the hotel.  I don’t know what time, I fell asleep on the bed, then an hour later Ji and I went to grab a taxi.  Now here we sit, Ji is fast asleep, and I’m still awake (I don’t know how) waiting for our next flight, and next adventure.

We seriously can’t wait to get to Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam, and starting point of this trip.  But a taste of Malaysia has already made this venture feel really exciting.

Sending love and Christmas wishes,

Kat & Ji



Back On The Road

So, it’s been a while, and a lot has happened. Originally Jiji and I had great plans to keep doing a post a day. But uni, work, basically life interrupted and we decided to take a step back and focus on some other projects.

WHAT ARE THESE PROJECTS YOU ASK?!  Well, we can’t share all, but we will let you know we decided to plan an adventure together, and explore a bit of Vietnam. I’m going for uni, Jiji is going for travel, and we’re both going for fun.

We caught a bus out this morning to Sydney International Airport, and here we sit amongst a mass of people on phones with their baggage, and children in tow, waiting to hear the call for our flight to start boarding. It is so good to be getting out of Australia again. We both feel that buzz of anticipation to escape from our comfort zones and try something new.

So stay in touch, and watch this space. Over the next month we’ll be updating regularly (internet provided), so you can adventure with us on the journey ahead.


Love Kat and Ji



The simple things in life. Definitely. 

Have been feeling so much love, and happiness with my life. I thank God everyday! 

The laughter with friends, the sunny times, the songs that make you dance, the food that makes you jump up and down in your chair form it’s flavour bursting in your mouth. 

Please find some happiness this week. Smile and pass it on to someone. 

Take care and appreciate everything, even the small. 

Love Ji xx 


I love learning new things, and meeting new people.  I love the moment when you step out of a building and into a sunny day.  I love creating things.  I love evenings when the kitchen is free and I can conjure up a new recipe.  I love the sensation of taking off your shoes, after a long day at work.  I love sitting down with a good book, and losing myself in the pages.  I love all the little moments that fill up a day, that fill up a week, that fill up a year, that fill up a lifetime.  I love this life.

Love Kat x



So breaking from the cycle – I really felt like writing something a little more persal today. I went and got a little rememberance for my Grandma, new ear piercing. I know people deal with greif differently but I got one of my piercings for my Grandpa, naturally one for my Grandma followed.
I’m Thankful for a lot of things lately and needed to get that out. Enjoying where things are taking me.

I hope you all can feel thankful for something this week.
My love to you all!

ji x

This weeks life lesson

Lots of things happening and going on with life and I think they’re the best times. Definitely good to just take a moment and reflect on some things. 

This week brought the reality to me that you are only as young as you are today. So you may as well make and accumulate many memories. Really truly appreciate the gift of life we have. 

So hope all of you take some time to make a good memory this coming week. 

Love to all, Ji X 

Wellbeing – Acknowledging You’re Unwell

I am one of those people that refuse to admit they’re sick.  I remain in denial for days until my body is like, “right, either you rest, or we make it impossible for you function”.  Today was just one of those days where I had to take a big step back, and send myself straight to bed when I got home from uni.  Tissues are now my best friend – I’m onto the second box and counting.  Fingers crossed my immune system can kill off what ever’s causing trouble as quickly as possible!!!

Love Kat x